Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Just Reunited in an Airport, So Be Still, Our 2005-Loving Heart

Picture it: It's a Thursday in 2005. You're wearing low-rise jeans. You rush home to sit down to a new episode of the masterpiece that was The O.C. (Hulu doesn't exist, after all.) All is right with the world. 

Fans of the teen drama will be absolutely thrilled to know, then, that two of its stars—Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody—just randomly ran into one another at the airport. And yes, they took a photo to commemorate the reunion. 

Bilson captioned the cute snap, "Ran into my ol buddy from jfk to lax #californiaherewecome" (For the uninitiated, the hashtag refers to the show's theme song, "California" by Phantom Planet.) 

The two, who starred as on-screen couple Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen actually began dating during the show’s first season, before parting ways in 2006. (Brody is now married to fellow teen drama star Leighton Meester, while Bilson has a daughter with actor Hayden Christensen.) 

Interestingly, the reunion comes just days after we talked to Bilson ourselves about her thoughts on an O.C. reboot. 

Her answer? “As long as Summer isn’t in bikinis,” she joked, referencing her character’s proclivity for sunbathing and wearing bikinis to parties.

On a more serious note, Bilson shared, “It was such a great show and a great group. I’m still super close with [series creators] Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. I would trust them with my life. So, anywhere they would go I would follow. Of course, I’d be open to it. It’s a very fond memory for me and something I’m super grateful for.”

Bilson went on to surmise what her character Summer’s life would look like in a modern setting. “I would imagine that she’s had kids. I would also think that she’s fighting for something. Perhaps a cause, or maybe she’s a lawyer. She’d definitely have her hand in the philanthropy world,” she mused, adding, “It’d be really interesting to see them as adults.” Um, agreed. 

Seth and Summer forever. 

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