Antoni Porowski from ‘Queer Eye’ Has a New Project: ‘Cooking Lessons from Quarantine’

During this time of social distancing and chaos, many celebrities are using their platforms in new and creative ways. One of the latest? Antoni Porowski and his cooking lessons.

The Queer Eye star started a new IGTV series titled, “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons from Quarantine,” a short cooking show in which he will teach you a simple, quick-to-make recipe.

In his debut episode, which he posted on March 16, the 36-year-old teaches viewers how to make a “Keep Calm-lette.”

“The Keep Calm-lette: An omelette made in isolation is still an omelette,” he captioned the eight-minute video. “Served w a black bean salsa made w whatever was left at the grocery store.” Genius.

In the video, Porowski revealed that the inspiration came when he went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for his huevos rancheros. When he entered the store, many of the ingredients were sold out—something he stated that “everybody’s experiencing” right now. Instead, he was only able to get his hands on eggs, canned beans, a red onion, tomatoes, avocados and limes. Hence, his “calmlette” was born.  

“We need to eat things that make us feel good, even in pandemics like these,” Porowski said in the video. We totally agree.