The One Clear Piece of Evidence That the Queen Fully Supports Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Post-Exit

does the queen support harry and meghan

It’s been six months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they’re stepping down as senior royals. Still, one question has remained: Does Queen Elizabeth support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex post-exit?

While we don’t have verbal confirmation, it’s safe to say the answer is a resounding yes. And it has everything to do with the royal family’s official website, which is still chock-full of Prince Harry and Markle news.

You see, the 94-year-old monarch is very particular about what (and who) is featured on the site. So, if the queen had any negative feelings toward the couple, we’d expect it to be reflected there…but that’s not the case.

Following Prince Harry and Markle’s surprise announcement, no changes were made to the website. Not only does it still feature the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a prime position (alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton), but it also has up-to-date information about their post-exit life in Los Angeles.  

This might not seem like a big deal, but—news flash—it is. The queen is notorious for responding to controversy with subtle gestures, like bumping someone down on the royal family’s website. (Prime example: Prince Andrew.)

However, the fact that Queen Elizabeth hasn’t made any move to scale back on Prince Harry and Markle content speaks volumes about her true feelings toward the couple.

Phew, that was close.

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