The Real Reason Queen Elizabeth Opted for a New Brooch at this Year’s Trooping the Colour

Queen Elizabeth not only marks her birthday with an elaborate celebration each year (aka Trooping the Colour), but she also makes a statement with her b-day ensembles, especially when it comes to her accessories.

If you didn’t know, the monarch has celebrated two birthdays every year since she ascended to the throne in 1952. Although she was actually born on April 21, the queen also has a celebratory birthday in June. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, this year’s ceremony looked a little bit different. Instead, what's being called a "mini" Trooping the Colour took place on June 13 at Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been self-isolating since March.

But the size of the celebration wasn’t the only difference this year. The 94-year-old also decided to switch up her usual jewelry.

In the past, the monarch has exclusively worn the Brigade of Guards brooch for the event, which features diamonds and the emblems of the five household regiments. According to royal jewelry blog the Court Jeweller, it "was likely made from a pendant given to the Queen's aunt, Princess Mary” in the early 1900s.

However, this time, Elizabeth opted for a different piece: a leek-shaped brooch gifted to her by the Welsh Guards. Wearing the accessory was a special tribute to the guards who executed the Trooping the Colour ceremony (and who are currently guarding Windsor Castle).

See the brooch below.

queen elizabeth 42
PAUL EDWARDS / Getty Images

A subtle nod to those in service to the queen—now that's something we can get behind.