Queen Elizabeth Broke Her Own Royal Rules Today and Kept It Super Casual at a Normally Formal Event

Queen Elizabeth really shook things up at this year’s State Opening of Parliament ceremony, where she delivered her royal speech

During the event, the Queen, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, opened a new session of Parliament, which brings together the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Monarch. The 93-year-old monarch left her royal jewels and robes at home for a rare dressed-down version. 

Instead of wearing her formal State Robe (ya know, the 18-foot-long crimson velvet cape that weighs 15 lbs), Elizabeth wore a teal dress and matching hat.

She also opted against wearing the historic Imperial State Crown and instead, the headpiece was placed next to her. The crown, which symbolizes the sovereignty of the monarch, has been worn by the Queen for almost every opening of Parliament since she began her reign. 

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WPA/ POol/Getty Images

So, why was Her Majesty so low key this year? Well, the casualness was a result of the recent election being so close to Christmas, a time when the Queen leaves London to be at her country home of Sandringham. The ceremony usually takes place in November or immediately following a general election. 

According to the Parliament website, it explains that "due to unique circumstances of the general election and the proximity to Christmas, the State Opening of Parliament will take place with reduced ceremonial elements.”

And did we mention Her Majesty also traveled to and from Parliament by car, rather than a royal carriage? 

When you’re Queen Elizabeth, you can totally break the rules.