Queen Elizabeth Breaks Protocol and Pens Her Own Instagram Statement

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t run her own social media accounts. As the Queen of England, she obviously has a team for that. However, on a rare occasion, she will take a break from that protocol and write a personal message on her own behalf. This weekend was one of those times.

On Saturday, the 95-year-old monarch showed her support for England’s soccer team ahead of the Euro 2020 final. In a post on IG, she wrote to the team manager Gareth Southgate, who helped lead England to their first tournament final since 1966, wishing him and his team the best of luck.

“55 years ago I was fortunate to present the World Cup to Bobby Moore and saw what it meant to the players, management and support staff to reach and win the final of a major international football tournament,” part of Her Majesty’s message read.

“I want to send my congratulations and that of my family to you all on reaching the final of the European Championships, and send my good wishes for tomorrow with the hope that history will record not only your success but also the spirit, commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourselves.” She simply signed the note, “Elizabeth R.”

And in case you are a bit confused by the “R” considering her last name is Windsor, it stands for “regina,” which means “queen” in Latin.

While the queen did not attend the match, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George cheered on the team from the stands at London's Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately, England lost to Italy at the end of the match.

Now if only we can get personal messages like these more often.

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