The Hidden Meaning Behind Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley

We reported yesterday that the Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show was moved online this year in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And although Queen Elizabeth, who first attended the show as monarch in 1955 and visited almost every year since, can’t physically be there, she still contributed to the virtual version. 

In honor of the first day of the show, members of the royal family shared a selection of their favorite plants and flowers. And Her Majesty’s pick is...the Lily-of-the-Valley—and it holds a special place in the monarch's heart.

According to an Instagram post, which featured a few photographs of the flower in the Buckingham Palace gardens, the Lily was featured in Her Majesty’s coronation bouquet and has been significant to her ever since (which would explain their prevalence on Liz’s BP estate).

Speaking of the virtual show, Queen Elizabeth (who is patron of the RHS) said in the caption of a separate post, "My family and I family and I have always enjoyed visiting the Show, and I know that your Members and Supporters will be disappointed that they are unable to attend in person this year. I am sure that my grandmother, Queen Mary, who first attended the Chelsea Flower Show in 1916, would be delighted that many people today have an enthusiasm for horticulture, and that gardening remains a popular pastime in the United Kingdom.”

We'll be checking our local florist to see if they have any Lilies-of-the-Valley in stock...