Queen Elizabeth’s Official Twitter Account Posted (Then Deleted) a Very Bizarre Tweet

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, posted an Instagram before it was ready or Tweeted an incomplete thought. Yup, us too. Turns out, even Queen Elizabeth (or her social media team) isn’t immune to such internet faux-pas, because yesterday, her official Twitter account accidentally sent out a tweet and removed it shortly after.

On Thursday, the Royal Family social media account shared a message that simply read, “Thanks.” The word was not accompanied by anything else. No photo. No tags. Nada. And it wasn’t long before whoever sent out the message noticed the mistake. Six minutes later, the account deleted the tweet. Luckily, Gert's Royals captured a screenshot of the accidental post before it was gone.

As we can see from the snap, the tweet received a whopping 1,260 likes and 591 retweets in those few short minutes. Many users had a field day with the mishap and responded with witty comments. According to The Daily Mail, one user wrote, “You’re welcome Liz,” while another added, "Well it’s about time I got some recognition!”

Neither the 94-year-old monarch nor her team has given any indication as to what that message was referring to (and there was no follow-up tweet that included the word “thanks”). However, we’d imagine the tweet had something to do with one of the royal family members’ recent engagements since they’ve been fairly busy in the last few days.

That being said, it’s simply possible that Her Majesty just wanted to show her appreciation for her fans (although unlikely since the message was removed).

So, while we don’t exactly know what we’re being thanked for, all we have to say is: “Welcome.”

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