Queen Elizabeth Just Broke a Longstanding Royal Tradition

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It seems that Queen Elizabeth II is changing up a longstanding tradition.

Following the death of Prince Philip on April 9, the queen has been in a formal mourning period that will last for thirty days. For the first week, Queen Elizabeth halted all of her official duties, and for the remainder of the time, she will be conducting all of her matters privately.

The royal family honored the late duke last Saturday during a small ceremonial service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Now, the queen will continue her mourning, but with a notable change in tradition along the way. According to a report by People, Her Royal Majesty will be the first to not use black-edged stationery during her official mourning period.

People reveals that instead of the traditional black edging, the monarch will be using a personalized stationery decorated with her crest in black, as opposed to the customary red. Queen Elizabeth will be the first royal in centuries to not follow this stationary tradition that was started by Queen Victoria back in 1861 after the death of Prince Albert.

This is not the first instance where Prince Philip's memory has been honored in an unconventional way. In accordance with the late duke's wishes, his funeral service was a much more subdued affair, with his coffin being carried on a custom Land Rover designed by the prince himself. It seems that in this most recent change, Queen Elizabeth is trying to keep Prince Philip's modern sensibilities alive.

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