Umm, Queen Camilla Just Wore Mismatched Earrings and We Almost Missed it

A subtle nod to her rebel spirit

Queen Camilla mismatched earrings: greeting girls with flags
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Classic. Tasteful. Expectantly elegant. Those are descriptions we often apply to the fashion choices of Queen Camilla—indeed all the royals, from boots to jackets. So we did a double take recently when during a day of public appearances, Camilla got edgy by wearing two very different earrings—simultaneously—with her usual tailored attire.

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During two public appearances in Swindon, a town west of London, Camilla paired a tan brushed coat with one of her favorite pieces, a Vintage Alhambra 5 Motifs 18-carat yellow gold and agate bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels. That, along with her green sweater and a plaid skirt...and she looks like just another posh lady popping into some shops along the high street, right? Except when we looked closer under the queen's casually coifed hair, we saw two very different statement earrings. On her right side, she wore a gold earring dazzled with diamond chips. On her left lobe, she sported a pearl drop earring.

Queen Camilla mismatched earrings holdin a bouquet
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We're certain this was no mistake—these are clearly two very different-looking pieces of statement jewelry. But we wondered, what statement is Camilla making by wearing such a fashion-forward choice in her public appearances? (One of her two stops was to a jeweler celebrating 175 years of being in business, where she tried on a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. So there's no way she would have overlooked wearing the right earrings.)

It's likely that such a jazzy earring choice appealed to Queen Camilla's free spirit. As Alexia Karides, founder of Greek jewelery brand YSSO, told HELLO! magazine: "I think the unexpected nature of asymmetric jewelery is really appealing to women of all ages and demographics...Asymmetric earrings are perfect for someone confident and rebellious who isn’t afraid to express themselves through their jewelery: it’s all about having fun and embracing imperfection.”

We salute Camilla, striding through Swindon in her black suede boots and mismatched earrings, collecting cards and well-wishes from the townsfolk regarding King Charles's upcoming prostate treatment. And cheers to her making more subtle fashion nods to her irrepressible spirit.

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