Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Share the Same Passion for…Demolition (and We Think We Know Who They Got It From)

princess charlotte prince louis shared interest demolition

Younger siblings can attest: If your big sibling likes something first, you must follow suit.

OK, it’s not a written rule or anything, but even royal sibs Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis share similar hobbies and interests. One of those shared passions? Construction. Either it runs in the family (doubt it), or 5-year-old Charlotte is a budding trendsetter for her younger brother.

During a trip to the London Bridge JobCentre, Prince William and Kate Middleton—who were visiting with employers helping people find jobs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—revealed that 2-year-old Louis would especially love to see some demolition work. “The children—especially Louis—would love to come and watch that, to see the diggers, they love it,” William said. Kate followed up with, “Don’t forget Charlotte! She’d love it too.”

Clearly Char holds some influence over her little brother, but that may be because she learned her love of demolition from older brother George. (Back in 2018, Will claimed his one-time ride on a construction digger was what solidified his cool dad “street cred” with the now 7-year-old.) Other hobbies we predict Louis to pick up include ballet, horseback riding and dancing.

As for the shared interest in construction? We’re not all that surprised. What kid doesn’t love a good dump truck? It’s second only to dinosaurs and putting small things up your nose.

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