Princess Anne Inherits Major New Role from Her Royal Cousin

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It appears that another member of the British royal family will be taking on a very prominent role.

Earlier this month on Instagram, the royal family shared a slideshow of photos taken during Princess Anne’s visit to the Service of Remembrance on the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, which is located in the center of England.

The first photo shows the royal, dressed from head to toe in military attire and honorary medals, analyzing a wall covered in names of fallen soldiers and service members. In the fourth slide, Anne stands and salutes as she accepts her new role: President of Commonwealth War Graves, a global organization that honors the men and women who died during World War I and World War II.

Per the caption, The Princess Royal, 73, attended the memorial service on Armistice Day (later known as Remembrance Day), which commemorated the signing of the Armistice agreement and “commemorates all those who gave their lives in service since 1914.” 

According to Express, Anne inherited the new role from her cousin Prince Edward (aka the Duke of Kent), who stepped down from the role after serving over 50 years in the position. 

Following her new promotion, Princess Anne released an official statement that was posted on the Instagram account dedicated to the Commonwealth War Graves. In the caption, she said, “In recording and maintaining the graves of the men and women from across the Commonwealth who died during both World Wars, the CWGC plays a significant role in commemorating those who sacrificed so much for our future. Their cemeteries, large or small, always have an impact.”

The Princess Royal continued, “I am honored to become President of this organization and know that I have a challenge in continuing the dedicated work of His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent for over 50 years. Preserving the legacy of those from across the Commonwealth who gave their future in order to preserve ours is a privilege. We will remember them.” 

To make sure everyone knew the message came from her hand, she signed the note, “Our new President, HRH The Princess Royal.”

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