The Hardest Working Royal of 2018 Is…

princess anne hardest working royal

It’s hard to open a computer without seeing a headline about Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton, but that doesn’t mean they’re the busiest members of the royal family.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, was recently named the hardest working royal of 2018. The 68-year-old princess made 518 appearances during the year, according to Tim O’Donovan, who has compiled The Times’ annual list for nearly 40 years.

Princess Anne beat out her brother, Prince Charles, who attended 507 royal outings. Their younger siblings, Prince Edward (463) and Prince Andrew (394), rounded out the top four.

To put things into perspective, Prince William made 220 royal appearances in 2018, which is slightly more than his brother, Prince Harry (193).

Middleton (87) and Markle (96) were at the bottom of the list, likely due to Prince Louis’s arrival and the actress’s introduction to the royal family.

518 appearances in 365 days? Now that’s dedication.

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