Is It Just Us or Is Prince William the Spitting Image of Prince Charles in Brand-New Royal Photo?

Prince William celebrated Father’s Day in more ways than one this weekend. Aside from spending the day (which was also his birthday) with his children, the Duke of Cambridge shared a never-before-seen photo of himself and his ol’ man, Prince Charles. 

On Sunday, William and Kate Middleton posted two photos to celebrate their dads on the official Kensington Royal Instagram account. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a throwback snap of herself sitting on her dad’s knee. Will went with a new pic featuring a near-giddy Prince Charles. In the picture, which was shot by the duchess last December, the Prince of Wales rests his head on his oldest son’s shoulder as they both smile into the camera. 

And while we love this candid moment between father and son, we couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between the two men. Sure, they are 33 years apart in age, but the two definitely have a lot of the same features. Specifically, Will seems to have acquired his dad’s nose and smile, and wven their eye shapes are similar. 

The now-38-year-old wasn’t the only one who posted a sweet message for Father’s Day. In fact, Charles shared his own tribute to not only his father, Prince Philip, but to his two sons as well. The 71-year-old posted two throwback photographs on Instagram, including one of himself pictured with Harry and William at the Cirencester Park Polo Cup in 2004.

And we thought Kate Middleton was the one with the strong genes