Whoops! Prince William Says He Was There When Kate Middleton Met the Queen…But He Wasn't

prince william confused kate middleton

News flash: Even Prince William is willing to tell a white lie to fit in.

Here’s what you need to know: An old interview recently resurfaced in which the prince talks about when Kate Middleton first met Queen Elizabeth. The meeting occurred in 2008 at a wedding for his first cousin, Peter Phillips.

The problem? Prince William was in Kenya when Liz and Kate first met, as Marie Claire points out. He was attending the African wedding of his ex-girlfriend’s brother (not kidding).

Still, that didn’t stop him from recalling details like it were yesterday, saying, “[The queen] was very welcoming. She knew it was a big day and everything was going on with Peter and Autumn, she had wanted to meet Kate for a while, so it was very nice for her to come over and say hello, we had a little chat and got on really well.”


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