Prince William Has a New TV Special Coming Next Week

Prince William is addressing mental health in a special television event. 

Yep, the Duke of Cambridge is tacking the topic in a new program for BBC called Football, Prince William and Our Mental HealthThe show, which airs on May 28, will focus on the negative stigma men often face when it comes to these issues. 

In the recently released trailer, the 37-year-old duke speaks with athletes about their own experiences and struggles with mental health. And it looks like the program began filming before social distancing was in full effect and continued via video chat. 

“It’s about feeling confident enough to say things aren’t great. It’s OK to not be OK,” William says in the trailer. “You can’t be ashamed of your mental health, you've got to be able to look it in the eye and go deal with it. Here we go.”

The upcoming production comes days after the end of U.K.’s Mental Health Awareness Week and is part of the recent campaign, Heads Up, which aims to highlight the power of starting a conversation about this important topic and normalizing it with the use of football.

Earlier this year, William spoke to attendees at the launch of the campaign. “If we can use the power of football to bring people together to have a really big conversation on mental health then that can only help people who are still struggling, people who are still suffering, people who still feel they can't talk about their mental health as well as they can,” he stated. 

See you on the small screen, William. We’ll bring the snacks.