Prince William Confesses He Can’t Shuffle a Deck of Cards: ‘This Is the Only Way I Know’

Guess he's not a card sharp

Prince William.
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It seems the Prince of Wales isn't spending much of his free time playing poker.

In a new Instagram video, Prince William, 41, watches magician Joel M, 26, perform a classic magic trick—finding the spectator's card. The moment that really caught our attention, however, was when the prince admitted that he doesn't know how to properly shuffle a deck of cards.

The moment happens early on in the video, when Joel has the prince draw a card and show it to the cameraman. After the royal puts the card back into the deck, the magician says, “And now we're putting you under pressure. You're going to shuffle them.”

Prince William then admits that he doesn't know how to riffle shuffle cards (sometimes referred to as the dovetail fashion). Instead, he does more of an overhand shuffle, where he takes half of the cards and shimmies them into the other half.

“Can I shuffle them my own way?” Prince William asks before he begins. “Yeah, in any creative way you like,” Joel responds. “This is not creative, this is the only way I know!” The Prince of Wales says with a laugh.

Royal followers loved the prince’s sincerity in the video. One user wrote, “I'm William shuffling the cards [laughing emoji].” Another follower commented, “So pleased to see the left-handed Prince of Wales is as bad at card shuffling as this left-handed old girl!!!!”

But while the Prince of Wales may not exactly be a card sharp, he regularly participates in other activities, like polo, skiing and more.

william hero
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We always admire your candidness, William.

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