Prince Harry Jokingly Says ‘I’m Married!’ After Student Calls Him Handsome

Prince Harry had a pretty awesome moment with one student this weekend during his (solo) visit to Japan

Last week, Buckingham Palace announced that the 35-year-old Duke of Sussex would be traveling to Japan to attend the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final as part of his role as patron of the Rugby Football Union.

However, before attending the finals, Harry visited Para Arena, a para-sport training center, and also spent some time with local schoolchildren—including from the Yokohama area—where Paralympics Great Britain will be based for training before the 2020 Paralympics.

In a clip posted by The Royal Family Channel Twitter account, Harry is seen responding to the student, who called him “handsome.” Playfully pointing to his wedding ring, the duke can be heard saying, “I’m married!”

See if you can catch the quick moment below. 

The students were clearly amused by his reaction (as were we) and erupted with laughter. 

prince harry japan
Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer

So, even though the duchess couldn’t accompany him on this trip, it looks like Harry still had his wife on his mind.