Prince Harry Was Dropping Hints About Possibly Having Another Baby

Looks like Prince Harry might be ready to give baby Archie a little sibling. At the very least, he’s thinking about it. 

On Wednesday, the duke and duchess surprised a group of military families at their regular weekly meet-up. Their visit marked one of the first of this week’s engagements for Remembrance Day, a holiday that honors members of the Armed Forces who have died in the line of duty. (It’s basically the U.K. equivalent of Veterans Day.)

During the event, the Duke of Sussex asked fellow parents what it’s like to add a second child to the mix.

“Harry was really quite interested in how things were with second children as well, because we both have older children,” Susie Strongfellow told Forces Network. “We were trying to encourage him to have a second baby.” Um, yes please. 

The duchess also revealed some big news about baby Archie during the engagement. According to People, when speaking to one little girl, Meghan announced her son’s latest milestone, “Look at all your little teeth! Archie’s just got two teeth. Two tiny ones right there,” she said while pointing to her bottom lip. 

The official @Sussexroyal Instagram account posted a slideshow of the duke and duchess spending time with the families. 

Harry, if you’re reading this, we fully support the idea of baby number two.