Cameras Caught Prince Harry Secretly Helping Meghan Markle Figure Out When to Curtsy for the Queen

While we already know Meghan Markle’s off-the-shoulder pale-pink Carolina Herrera dress caused a bit of a royal uproar at the Brits’ annual birthday celebration for the reigning monarch (dubbed Trooping the Colour), the best part wasn’t the bold fashion statement made by the Duchess of Sussex. 

Instead, it was when newlywed Prince Harry helped his new wife figure out when to curtsy for his grandma, the queen (whose actual birthday was April 21, but is always celebrated at Trooping the Colour). In the video above, which was posted to Instagram, you can clearly see Duchess Meghan whisper a quick “Do it?” to Harry, who gets out a swift “Yes!” before they curtsy/bow in unison.

There you have it, ladies and gents: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex already have this husband and wife thing down to a science, because for better, for worse, for royal, or non-royal, ’til death (or an ill-timed curtsy) do us part.


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