Prince Harry Just Made a Cheeky Comment about Kissing During a Surprise TV Appearance

Prince Harry must be getting really accustomed to these virtual engagements because he’s done at least three (that we’re aware of) in the past few days alone. His latest? A surprise television appearance to honor WWII veterans—and his signature sense of humor even made a cameo.

On Monday, the 35-year-old showed up unexpetedly (via Zoom) on BBC’s The One Show to reunite two sets of veterans and their families. The segment was part of the show’s coverage of VE Day, which marked the end of WWII in Europe in 1945.

During the video call, Harry highlighted the Guinea Pig Club (named after the wartime victims who were helped using experimental treatments) and its modern-day counterpart, the CASEVAC Club, which Harry helped found.

Maggie Wilson, the widow of former GPC member Sandy Saunders—who received severe burns to his face when he crashed his plane during WWII—told the duke how Saunders had been treated by reconstructive surgeon Archibald McIndoe. According to Wilson, the doctor told Saunders, “‘You need new upper eyelids, new lower eyelids. You need a proper nose, I'll give you a mouth so you can kiss the girls!’ That's what happened.”

Harry cheekily responded, "That's unbelievable. So when you met him, can I ask, he had a proper nose and good lips for kissing?"

"Oh, definitely good lips for kissing,” Wilson said. 

Keep the jokes coming, Harry.