Prince George's 6th Birthday Party Was *So* Chill & Low-Key

prince george and princess charlotte

He's not a regular future king, he's a cool future king.

And cool future kings like to lay low on their 6th birthday, as evidenced by Prince George's very down-to-earth b-day party at Kensington Palace.

According to Hello! magazine, the third in line to the throne threw an after-school soccer-themed party where he (probably) showed off his adorable gap-tooth smile and perfectly coifed dirty-blonde mop. The party took place some time in mid-July, a few days before George's actual birthday on July 22.

Since football (soccer, for us Americans), is George's favorite sport, it should come as no surprise that his big 6th bash would be kick-around-themed. Reportedly, invitees included his entire class (we repeat, George invited his entire diplomatic of you, Your Highness!) from St. Thomas's Batttersea, the £18,000/year London prep school he attends, and where Charlotte will join him this fall.

It was recently revealed that the Cambridges departed for their annual family holiday to Mustique shortly after the class party. They've been heading to the island off the coast of Barbados since 2008, according to Vanity Fair, and this year is no different.

A beach birthday vacay and a soccer-themed bash? Disregard what we said about low-key. That sounds exceptionally birthday diva-y to us.

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