Royal Fans Are Freaking Out Over the Resemblance Between Prince Harry and Prince Charles in This Throwback Photo

In a new (but very old) photo posted to Instagram by Prince Andrew, Prince Charles looks like a young Prince Harry. If you're all like, "Well, DUH! That's his dad!" we totally hear you. But, oftentimes in very insider-y royal circles, Prince Charles and Prince William have been called out for looking much more alike than Charles and his younger son, Harry. Now, however, it's obvious that the resemblance is uncanny.

prince charles prince harry msn
Samir Hussein/WireImage

The photo, posted in honor of the Queen Mother's birthday, shows a 6-month-old Prince Andrew sitting on the Queen Mother's knee, an 11-year-old Prince Charles, a 9-year-old Princess Anne and a Corgi.

In photos of Prince Harry at about the same age, it's apparent the Duke of Sussex took after his dad with those eyes, his nose and his cheeky smile.

prince harry prince charles 11 years old
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images/Instagram

See? We thought Prince Harry took after Princess Diana way more than his dad, the Prince of Wales. But it seems we were mistaken.

Wonder if Archie will take after his dad, too. (Yep, you better believe we'll be analyzing every photo of him from now 'til eternity.)


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