Prince Charles Asked Katy Perry to Sing to His Plants & She Agreed

prince charles katy perry shaking hands

Prince Charles recently named Katy Perry an ambassador of the British Asian Trust. While we were originally surprised by the choice, it appears the Duke of Cornwall, 71, knows more about the singer, 35, than we thought.

At the charity’s annual Royal Dinner in London, Perry reunited with Prince Charles for the first time since they met in Mumbai in November 2019. After greeting the royal, the musician revealed that she heard Prince Charles enjoys talking to his plants.

The Duke of Cornwall proceeded to make a request we never saw coming. “I would prefer it if you sang to them,” he said, according to Hello! magazine.

Wait, Prince Charles wants Katy Perry to sing to his plants? This means the royal must be somewhat familiar with her music. While we don’t know the extent of his listening, we wouldn’t be surprised if “Never Really Over” was included in the prince’s year in review on Spotify.

During the event, Perry wore a royal blue gown, which featured a mesh neckline. The singer gave a heartfelt speech in which she not only talked about her new role, but she also confirmed she’ll be singing to Prince Charles’s plants in the near future.

“I’m excited to be here because I’m a big fan of His Royal Highness and all the work that he has done and is continuing to do, especially in India for children,” she said. “In my own personal experience, he has an incredibly kind soul—so kind that yes, sometimes he talks to his plants. And he asked me if I would sing to his plants.  And I will in the future. You have my word, sir.”

It’s only a matter of time before we hear “I Kissed a Girl” blaring through the Buckingham Palace walls.

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