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Flashback to 2018, when the unicorn saw its swift rise and fall. The uninvited zoological trend was then replaced by another, less mythical quadruped: the llama. Llama weddings! Llama fashion! Llama decor! You name it, there’s a llama version waiting for you at a bespoke store that only sells through Instagram.

Well, friends, it’s 2019 and we’re ready for a fresh face. Enter the possum (or opossum, but let’s not get too technical).

Steinthor/Getty Images

Before you cringe in disgust or run in fear, hear us out. The maligned rodent is having a moment, thanks to a few key Instagrammers. And considering we wouldn’t want anyone to cringe in disgust at us, we’re very much here for it.


There’s probably an extensive underground network of possum lovers already out there, but the entire concept of a possum-as-pet was brought to our attention when the Instagram account of possum siblings Sesame and Starfish (with the handle @itsmesesame) popped up in our explore feed last year.

Thanks to a recent New York Times report by Gray Chapman, the “verminfluencer” is officially a full-blown trend.

Sadly, Sesame died in June 2018, but Starfish inherited the @itsmesesame account and has become something of a sensation. Her caretaker, Ally Burguieres, rescued and rehabbed the critters back to health and sells possum merch to raise money for Sesame’s Treat Fund (which supports small, responsibly run animal rescue programs). Wildlife rescue and possums in pajamas—what’s not to love? Don’t even get us started on those toes.

Incredibly enough, these quote-unquote “trash cats” aren’t the only vermin seeing an uptick in popularity—make way for rats, raccoons and skunks, too. But for now, long live the possum.

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