According to Google, 2019’s Most Popular Home Style Is...

ranch style home

It’s time to reboot MTV Cribs—with a heavy focus on one style of home in particular. 

Google revealed in a new report that small houses are in, specifically ranch-style homes (coincidence that our favorite salad dressing shares a name with our favorite type of house?).

Homebuyers have been seriously searching for this one style over the last year. The ranch home was a design that was popularized in the ’50s and ’60s and has continued to show up on home trend lists in the last few years (with Tudor-style and modern-style homes trailing closely behind). The ranch style (aka the rambler or the California ranch) is known for its single level, close-to-the-ground profile, wide-open floor plan and unique layout.

Basically, it gives off major American Western vibes. 

There was also a surge in searches for “front porch ideas for ranch style homes,” “what is a split level ranch” and “ranch style home plans,” according to a Google spokesperson. There was even a 5,000 percent increase in searches of “1950s living room” and a 90 percent increase for “farmhouse living room ideas.”   

The popularity of the ranch makes total sense, with young buyers looking at the affordable price point and older buyers looking for easier navigation.

So...time to start a dream ranch home Pinterest board?

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