Someone Invented a Pool Float for Pregnant Women and It Made Our Whole Damn Summer

belly flopz

Real talk: It’s kind of hard not to feel like an Oompa Loompa once you hit the third trimester of your pregnancy. Add a summer due date to the equation and, oh, dear God, you didn’t know it was possible to feel so sweaty, swollen and gross.

The antidote? A pool. If only there was an apparatus designed to keep you and your ever-growing baby belly afloat. 

Meet BellyFlopz, a genius pool float/pregnancy invention designed for moms seeking a comfortable position to relax in while cooling off in the pool. It features a belly-height (and bump-friendly) hole so that you can lie facedown on your stomach while letting the natural buoyancy of the water carry the weight (and alleviate pressure) on your middle.

Silly? A little. Practical? Absolutely. Now, all we need is someone to whip up a delicious mocktail to accompany us while we lounge. 

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