This Nostalgic Throwback Will Be the Top Halloween Costume of 2019

the powerpuff girls

We love a good girl power themed Halloween costume, especially when it harkens back to our childhood. The Spice Girls, Wonder Woman and even Cher Horowitz (she taught us the importance of donating to the less fortunate, including athletic equipment) are some of the best. But according to Pinterest's 2019 Halloween Report there's a different group of kick-ass women (well, they're technically girls) you're likely to see everywhere on October 31: The Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back in action and are topping the list as the most searched for women's Halloween costume on Pinterest. Maybe it's because the third season in the reboot of the 1998 cartoon is set to release later this year or because all things '90s have been slowly but surely having a revival, but we're very on board with this delightful throwback. 

Besides being incredibly easy to DIY (Amazon also offers a lot of inexpensive versions), this particular costume can also work for basically any size group. Tack on a Mojo Jojo, Professor Utonium, Him or even The Rowdyruff Boys to round out your gang. Going solo? Choose your favorite crime-fighting kindergartner (yes, apparently these pint-size superheroes are only five years old) and you'll still be easily recognizable.

So what are the remaining costumes in Pinterest's top five? Gear up to see quite a few pirates, circus performers (keeping that The Greatest Showman love going strong, folks), the kids from Stranger Things and aliens, as in Area 51 and, unfortunately, not the iconic Sigourney Weaver film. Although, if you've got a khaki green boilersuit on hand and happen to be rocking a wonderfully retro perm you might want to consider Ripley as your girl-power Halloween inspiration. Just an idea...

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