12 Petitions You Can Sign to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Online petitions have been popping up left and right ever since George Floyd’s murder rocked our world. While a signature can only do so much, it’s one of the quickest ways to have your voice heard, since it usually requires a simple name and email address. The method has proven to be successful in the past—there were several petitions to have the Minneapolis officers involved in the death of George Floyd charged, which is exactly what happened. While the petitions alone didn’t force the arrests, the public outcry certainly made a difference.

We compiled a list of 12 petitions that support the Black Lives Matter movement and demand justice for the murders of innocent Black men and women. While there are many petitions out there that you can sign, these picks can serve as a starting point as you begin your own deeper research.

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1. Hands Up Act

The Hands Up Act is a proposed piece of legislation that suggests officers receive a mandatory 15-year prison sentence for the killing of unarmed men and women.

2. #WeAreDoneDying

The NAACP launched the petition in honor of George Floyd with the sole purpose of eliminating senseless hate crimes.

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3. #DefundThePolice

Join the Black Lives Matter movement, which aims to defund law enforcement and redirect funds to invest in Black communities.

4. National Action Against Police Brutality

Another petition directed towards law enforcement reform—but this time, it specifically encourages officials to hold the police accountable.

5. Stand with Breonna

This one’s dedicated to Breonna Taylor, who was murdered when police wrongfully entered her Kentucky apartment. You can sign the online petition or text “ENOUGH” to 55156.

6. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

In honor of Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed while jogging—unarmed—in Georgia.

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7. Justice for Belly Mujinga

Belly Mujinga (a railway worker from London) died from COVID-19 after she was denied proper protection as an essential worker.

8. Justice for Tony McDade

The petition seeks justice for Tony McDade, a transgender man who was killed by police in Tallahassee.

9. Justice for Jennifer Jeffley

Jennifer Jeffley is currently serving a life sentence for a crime she did not commit. If you’ve seen the Crime Watch episode, you know.

10. Justice for Muhammad

Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. was wrongfully targeted and murdered by police in Arizona. His family is demanding justice against the Phoenix Police department.

11. Pass the Black History Education Bill

A bill dedicated to expanding Black history within schools. (Because it’s about damn time.)

12. Ban the use of rubber bullets for crowd control

An attempt to ban unnecessary crowd control tactics. In particular, the use of rubber bullets.


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