Peeps Cereal Is Back…with Brand-New Marshmallows

peeps cereal

Do you like Peeps? What about stale peeps? OK, one more for you: How about Peeps cereal? Well, it’s back for the second year in a row, this time with some upgrades. 

Last year, we had the great fortune of taste testing it ourselves. We had a lot of questions beforehand: How big would the pieces be? Would they be crunchy or soft?

We noticed that the pieces looked pretty similar to a bowl of Lucky Charms. The cereal featured O-shaped crisps in pastel pink, blue and yellow. Covered in tiny, sugary dots, they resembled Apple Jacks. And the marshmallows? To our surprise, they were very plain: white, small, round and hard. Like the kind you might get in a packet of instant hot chocolate.

This year, while the cereal still features the same O-shaped crisps, it includes brand-new yellow chicks and pink and blue bunny-shaped marshmallows (like the real kind). 

As far as special editions go, we definitely weren’t mad with the first version. But yeah, we’ll be trying the newest edition again this year. 

If you’d like to see for yourself, the cereal is available in-aisle nationwide.

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