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Peeps Flavored Cereal Exists…and It Reminds Us of Lucky Charms

Do you like Peeps? What about stale peeps? OK, one more for you: How about Peeps cereal?

Yep, you read that correctly. Kellogg’s recently teamed up with Peeps to release a Peeps-themed cereal—and we had the great fortune of taste testing it ourselves. 

We had a lot of questions beforehand: Would the marshmallows be shaped like mini Peeps? Would they be crunchy or soft?

Upon pouring ourselves a healthy helping, we soon saw that it looked pretty similar to a bowl of Lucky Charms. The cereal featured O-shaped crisps in pastel pink, blue and yellow. Covered in tiny, sugary dots, they resembled Apple Jacks. 

And the marshmallows? To our surprise they were very plain: white, small, round and hard. Like the kind you might get in a packet of instant hot chocolate.

For the sake of truly committing, we enjoyed our bowl with whole milk. A first bite, then a second and third confirmed our suspicion: It tasted pretty darn similar to Lucky Charms. Unlike the tang of Fruit Loops, its sweetness was rather flat. To be honest, we kind of wish the brand had reinvented the wheel and created a truly unique Peeps cereal.

Lest we get carried away with our serious analysis, we’d like to point out that we finished the entire bowl (and drank the sweet milk). As special editions go, we’re definitely not mad. If you’d like to see for yourself, head on over to Target and pick up a box for $4.

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