International Delight Released Peeps Flavored Coffee Creamer and Now We Can’t Wait for Spring

Is it too early to say spring has (almost) sprung? It may be 29 degrees and snowy, but coffee creamer company International Delight is bringing Easter early this year with a new Peeps flavored coffee creamer.

The brand announced the news in an Instagram post captioned, “Look what’s hatching this spring. New International Delight PEEPS® Flavored creamer. Add a little color to your cup! #CreamerNation#PourYourPeeps #peepsonality@peepsbrand.” 

In the words of the ID, the new creamer ($4) is “sweet, marshmallow-y and yellow.” And they’re not joking—it’s actually yellow.

We have a feeling you’ll either love it or loathe it. But if you fall into the former camp, you’ll be able to get your marshmallow fix before the little birds are back on shelves. 

Long gone are the days of boring half-and-half.