Want to Buy an Island Full of Penguins? Just Name Your Price

king penguins on the falkland islands

Here’s a random list of things we love: penguins, the beach and beautiful scenery. And on Pebble Island, located in the Falkland Islands, we can have all three and more (think: a mini mountain range, lakes, 42 species of bird, 6,000 sheep and a multitude of sea lions). 

According to the BBC, the entire 20-mile-long and four-mile-wide island is up for sale—and you can name your price. 

The current owner, Sam Harris, is the great-great grandson of the island’s original buyer, John Markham Dean, who purchased the land back in 1869 for the equivalent of $505. Talk about a bargain. But because the island was bought so long ago, real estate agents have been unable to value it. (What, there’s no Zillow for that?) Meaning, it’s up to the buyer to name their price. 

“It’s an amazing place,” Harris said. “Unfortunately, it’s just become too hard to manage.”

Considering that we find it hard to manage our current two-bedroom home, we’re pretty sure that taking care of an entire island with five different species of penguins might be a little much. But hey, a girl can dream…

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