This San Francisco Lighthouse B&B Needs New Innkeepers and One of Them Could Be You

If you’ve always wanted to follow in Lorelei Gilmore’s footsteps and run a bed-and-breakfast, you’re in luck. The East Brother Light Station just off the coast of San Francisco is looking for two new innkeepers. Oh, and the salary is roughly $130,000 a year. Interested? (We thought so.)

east brother lighthouse inn in san fransisco
Katy Raddatz/SF Gate

The current innkeepers, Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker, are looking for two people (it is necessary that the pair applies together) to take over their posts and oversee everything necessary to run the quaint island and its charming B&B. But don't be fooled by the easy, breezy life of the Gilmores. This job isn't all coffee runs and dealing with quirky townsfolk.

“As much as we would like to call ourselves lighthouse keepers, that’s definitely not in our duties out here. We’re responsible for running the operations of the bed-and-breakfast,” Meeker said in an interview with NBC. “Which pretty much entails everything from running the reservation system to cooking, answering the phones, cleaning, running the boat. Everything that goes into, well, not all of the maintenance…but as far as innkeeping goes, it really is just the two of us.”

Applicants should be prepared to get their hands dirty with general housework, bookkeeping and ferrying guests to and from the island. Which is also why at least one of the applicants in each pair must possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license. Another requirement for the job? High-quality culinary experience and capability. Hmm, guess our limited list of go-to Instant Pot recipes probably doesn't count.

If you are lucky enough to meet all the job's qualifications, you can download the application here. The new innkeepers should be prepared to start in mid-April 2019, allowing two weeks for training.

Oh, and one more thing: The island has no Wi-Fi or television. But if you're the kind of gal who's always wanted to run a remote lighthouse inn, then we assume you're probably fine with missing a few episodes of Grace and Frankie.



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