Paul Rudd Reveals He Was Once Buried Alive in a Plastic Bag & Lived to Tell the Tale

Warning: This Paul Rudd story may really creep you out.

We know and love Paul Rudd as the affable, aging-in-reverse star of films such as Ant Man and This Is 40. What we did not know is that the 50-year-old Clueless star agreed to be buried alive…in a plastic bag…on camera. Let’s back up.

Rudd stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about his new role in Netflix’s series, Living with Yourself. As he explained, the opening scene shows him climbing out of a grave wrapped in a plastic bag and gasping for air.

Rudd confirmed our suspicions that this was a terrible scene to film, saying, “It was horrible. I read the script and thought, ‘Oh, what a striking opening! It’s really, you know, that’s a really cool way to open the show.’” True, but what he didn’t think about was how they’d capture the footage.

He went on, “I stupidly didn’t think about what it would be like to film it, because I’m also just wearing a diaper, as well.” That’s a key fact if we’ve ever heard one.

To make things more macabre and uncomfortable, the scene was shot publicly on the first day of filming. He recalled, “People are riding their bikes, I’m in a diaper getting into a grave.”

Wondering how Rudd managed to breathe in his grave? It was pretty simple actually.

“I had to be wrapped in a bag and then I had to breathe through this tube and they kept putting dirt over me. The natural instinct in all of us knows that that’s bad. And it was awful. It was terrible.”

But that literal nightmare wasn’t the worst part. In fact, Rudd says the most unpleasant aspect of the whole ordeal was that “it was cold.”

Um, OK.


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