‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 2 Gets a Release Date (& the Trailer Will Send Chills Up Your Spine)

Buckle up, Ozark fans, because the end is coming even sooner than you think.

After leaving fans hanging with a major cliffhanger in part one of the show's final season, Netflix announced that part two of season four will be released on April 29. The official logline reads, "Marty and Wendy are rid of Helen and climb to the top of Navarro’s empire. They find another opportunity to get out of the Ozarks, but some past sins won’t stay buried and the most dangerous threats come from blood."

Now, if you think that's wild, just wait until you see this bone-chilling trailer.

In it, an emotional Ruth (Julia Garner) starts with a voiceover and says, “My childhood traumas are not like yours. You see, I’m a cursed Langmore.” Over a serious of haunting shots and intense scenes, she continues, "Long inured to violence and death...And in the case of a Langmore, perhaps not soon enough." Yep, it looks like Marty and Wendy's troubles are far from over.

The show has come a long way since it premiered in 2017, but if you've yet to tune in, Ozark follows a married couple, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney), who move their family to the Ozarks and get involved in a money laundering scheme that turns their lives upside down.

During his interview with The Wrap, showrunner Chris Mundy explained why he chose to split season four into two parts, rather than sticking with the usual 10 episodes. He told the outlet, "The decision has always been between is it four [seasons] or is it five [seasons], and then Netflix hit upon the idea of saying, ‘We’ll do four but we’ll make it long and split it in this way,’ and that felt perfect.”

He also explained that this approach felt like the best way to close the series, without it feeling rushed or drawn out and repetitive. He continued, "We could make these seven [episodes] feel complete and make the second seven feel complete, even though it's all one continuum. I think ten wouldn't have been enough to tell the story in the way we wanted to. So any number over ten and under 20 was gonna be good in my book."

We'll be busy counting down the days until Ozark's final episodes hit Netflix.

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