Old Navy's Classic Flag Tees Are Purple This Year—Here's Why

We typically associate Old Navy with a few things—chief among them $1 flip-flops and Fourth of July flag tees. Well, buckle up, because this year's tees have gotten a major upgrade—they're purple. Check it out: 

old navy purple flag tees
old navy

Why purple? According to Old Navy, the color illustrates what can happen when the American flag’s emblematic colors of red, white and blue come together. 

It's a reminder, the brand says, "that we are one nation, indivisible, not defined by the current labels of 'red' and 'blue.'"

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this week, it's the first update Old Navy has made to its classic flag tees. It's also super limited edition. A nod to its 1994 birth year, Old Navy only made 1,994 purple flag tees. Most sizes on the site are sold out, but you can still snag the few that are left—for only $5, no less. 

We'll have to admit, we were hesitant at first. (Purple is such a specific color.) But seeing them tucked into high-waist jeans has us thinking: Should we be channeling Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle more? 

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