Nike’s (Somewhat Confusingly) Popular Fanny Pack Slides Are Back, Baby

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Your handbag weighs what feels like 100 pounds and you're just running out for coffee. You really don't want to lug all your stuff with you, but where will you store your keys and credit card? 

To lighten the load, you could dig through your closet for a smaller bag, or, if you're so inclined, you can store your stuff in mini fanny packs…on your feet. 

Yep, Nike's popular Benassi slide sandals—which were updated with built-in fanny packs last year—are back in two new colorways. 

After last summer's neon offerings, they're now available in two fun prints: One has a black rubber sole with a yellow, blue and green tropical print, while the other features a hot pink sole with a neon green, pink, blue and white design. The itty-bitty pouches on each shoe can fit keys, a few dollars—basically anything super-small. 

The new styles ($60) also have reflective 3M piping on the upper portion of the fanny pack, making them ideal for nighttime wear (if you're into that sort of thing). 

If we're being completely honest, fanny pack slides take hands-free to a level we're not entirely comfortable with, but if you're that anti-bag, go forth and buy 'em.

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