‘Claws’ Star Niecy Nash Reveals the 3 Words She Turns to in Good Times & in Bad: ‘No Matter What’

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Whether she’s starring in Claws and the forthcoming Netflix movie Uncorked or walking a red carpet, Niecy Nash stays centered thanks to three little words.

During an interview with PureWow, the 50-year-old celebrated actress explained why she always relies on the mantra “no matter what.” 

“A few words that I’ve always lived by are ‘no matter what.’ There will be a number of things that happen, but my mama always used to say, ‘Pull up, push through and never look like what you’re going through,’” she told us.

She went on to say that she often finds power in self-care when she needs an extra push to achieve her goals “no matter what” might be standing in her way. “So, for me, even if I’m not feeling that great that day, I will either put on something [that makes me feel confident], fix my hair a certain way or put on makeup. Ultimately, if I look better, I feel better,” she said.

Nash explained that this “no matter what” approach to life has helped her push through hard times that felt never-ending: “I used to have to go to auditions where I had to be funny after a fight with my husband and crying all the way there. But once I’m there, I’ve got to fix that face and I have to go get that job no matter what—no matter what I’ve been through.”

Now, Nash is passing on this perseverance to her adult children. In fact, it was her experience as a mother (and her willingness to dive into any role wholeheartedly) that informed her performance in director Prentice Penny’s Uncorked, which hits Netflix on Friday, March 27. (How about a little Uncorked-themed wine and barbecue Netflix party to celebrate?)

“I think you always want to make sure that your children are well,” she mused. “The goal is really not who they are in front of you, it’s who they are when they are not with you and when you’re not there. If you do your job right, they will thrive.”

During these uncertain times, Nash’s words are a great reminder that we can all show up for each other and ourselves “no matter what.”


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