You Can Now Watch Netflix (& Chat) with Your Friends, Thanks to ‘Netflix Party’

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Let’s face it: Social distancing is leaving many of us feeling isolated from our friends and family. Well, a handy Google extension is helping to bridge the gap and bring us together–virtually.

In a ‘why did nobody think of this before’ move, "Netflix Party" is letting people chat and watch the streaming service together at the same time. The extension is only available on Google Chrome and over 500,000 people have already signed up, according to the extension's site.

So, how does it work? First, install the extension through the site or the Google Chrome store. (The icon "NP" should appear next to the address bar once it’s installed.) After installing, one viewer chooses a program on Netflix and clicks on the red icon to get the "party started." Then the host will receive a link to invite other users to join. (It’s important to note that everyone must have the extension and a Netflix account.) The users must press the link (which will redirect to Netflix) and press their own "NP" icon to be a part of the streaming party. 

Other than watching the show together, users can enjoy chatting in real time with a message board. Just choose a user icon and nickname to join the fun. You can even add screenshots, gifs and emojis to the conversation. 

And the best part? The extension is completely free and quick to install. So grab some friends and some popcorn and get the start streaming party started. 

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