Nickelodeon Slime Ice Cream Is a Millennial’s Dessert Dream (and Here’s Where to Buy It)

nickelodeon slime ice cream

Guys, remember Slime Time Live? What about Double Dare? There’s something about the kinda disgusting, totally fun Nickelodeon slime that just takes us back.

And because nostalgia makes the world go round (read: makes us buy things), Nickelodeon is launching slime-themed ice cream treats at Walmart. People reports that both ice cream cups and frozen bars will be in Walmart stores on Monday, April 29.

The ice cream cups feature low-fat vanilla ice cream and swirls of green slime (uh, it’s frosting), and reminds us of the ice cream cups they used to pass out at every single grade school event we attended. The bars look like swirls of green and orange slime were frozen onto a popsicle stick, but they’re actually orange- and lime-flavored ice.

Fun fact: The signature Nickelodeon slime actually made its television debut on You Can’t Do That on Television in 1979. So while, sure, this ice cream is full of ’90s nostalgia…anyone who was a kid between, like, 1970 and 2000 will appreciate it.

According to People, former Double Dare host Marc Summers revealed that the real slime is actually concocted from vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring and oatmeal. Gross. We’d 100 percent rather eat ice cream.

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