Move Over, Ben Affleck: Nick Jonas Wants to Be the Next Batman

Nick Jonas has sent a bat signal into the sky (or, into the comments section on Instagram, rather).

The Jumanji and Kingdom actor wants to play the part, now open due to Ben Affleck being done with the role. After recent reports that The Batman director Matt Reeves wanted a younger version Batman/Bruce Wayne to star in a trilogy of films around the character, Affleck confirmed he won’t return for the role after playing the caped crusader in the Justice League and Batman v. Superman movies.

Which is where Jonas comes in. On an Instagram post from Hypebeast about the flick and open role,which included the question “Who do you think should play The Dark Knight?” in the caption, the “Jealous” singer commented, “First name Nick. Last name Jonas.” We’d say that’s a hat (er, mask) thrown into the ring if we’ve ever seen one.

While director Reeves has yet to comment, we could see a world where Jonas takes on a darker action-packed role. But we could also see a world where Penn Badgley does too, so, really, it’s anyone’s ball (er, bat) game.

Warner Bros. has set the film for a June 25, 2021 release. Just one request: Can Priyanka Chopra  play Robin? It’s only fitting.

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