‘The New Rules of Pregnancy’ Is the Smart, Supportive Book That’ll Help You Stop the 3 a.m. Googling

You know how they say that “knowledge is power?” I’d like to amend that expression and argue that it doesn’t necessarily apply to pregnancy. Because when you’re expecting, there’s no shortage of confusing information out there. Take it from this pregnant editor who has spent countless sleepless nights Googling, “Is it OK to [fill in the blank] when pregnant?” (Spoiler alert: Spend enough time on the internet and you’ll soon discover that nothing is completely OK to do when you’re pregnant.)

And the more reading (ahem, furious Googling) that you do, the more anxious you become—not exactly what you want when you’re making a human. Fortunately, this common issue is tackled in the new book, The New Rules of Pregnancy. This positive guide is described as “a calming pregnancy book that cuts through the noise to tell expectant mothers exactly what they need to know—and what they can stop obsessing about and over-researching.” And unlike all those hours spent scrolling through mommy forums (guilty), this advice comes from a place of compassion and from actual experts, namely gynecologist Adrienne Simone, obstetrician Jaqueline Worth and wellness author Danielle Claro.

The book covers every aspect of pregnant life—from the practical details (like “how to fly pregnant” and “pregnancy pain relief options”) to the more complicated stuff (“What makes it postpartum depression?”). And the book’s helpful insight doesn’t stop once the baby is born, either. It also covers that critical “fourth trimester” with advice about nursing, bonding and postpartum muscle strengthening.  

With reassuring and easy-to-understand guidelines, the book has garnered praise from the likes of Amy Poehler (“As caring as the physicians who wrote it, The New Rules of Pregnancy contains all you need to know about the amazing sci-fi adventure that is having a baby. Wise, beautiful, and needed”) and Frank Lipman, MD (“A mindful, intelligent guide—supportive, concise, and full of actionable advice. This is the pregnancy book I would give to my daughter”). 

My only gripe? That the book didn’t come out until I was in my third trimester. Man, I could’ve used this six months ago.

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