Attention M&M’s Lovers: 3 Crazy New Flavors May Be on the Way (Spoiler: One of Them Is Jalapeño)

We’re not one for believing rumors, but this is one we can totally get behind. 

It seems M&M’s might be kicking off the new year with some possible new (and totally unorthodox) flavors. Mexican Jalapeño Peanut (we’re serious) is one of the three “internationally inspired flavors” spotted by Instagram user @snackchatlive

So if chocolate and spice isn’t necessarily your cup of tea (hey, we’re open to it), there’s also English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut, which sound just as interesting. Word of the potential new flavors began back in September, when SnackChatLive revealed that the candies would be part of a contest similar to last year’s (shout-out to the winner, Crunchy Mint), where consumers voted on which flavor they would like to see on shelves.  

None of this has officially been confirmed by the candy brand itself, but fingers crossed for some Thai Coconut Peanut in our local store soon.