This Wildlife Center Will Name a Salmon After Your Ex...Then Feed It to a Bear on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day…woof. 

If you’re in a happy, fulfilling relationship, it can be great (if a little cheesy). If you’re freshly—or not so freshly—single, maybe not so much. 

Enter the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center in Oregon, which is offering a funny way to commemorate your past relationship: By naming a salmon after your ex and then watching them feed it to one of their bears, Kodi or Yak. 

For a $20 donation to the nonprofit, you can take advantage of the “Catch & Release” promotion. Per Wildlife Images’s website: “Let our 1000 pound brown bears tear into your ex… Did you fall hook, line, and sinker for someone who broke your heart? Kodi & Yak would love to help you get your revenge! In exchange for a $20.00 donation your ex’s name will be on a salmon and served up for dinner. We’ll provide you with a special certificate, and photos of Kodi and Yak destroying your ex!”

In addition to supporting a great cause, it’s a hell of a way to get some closure, no?


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