A Dog Museum Is Coming to New York City, and It's the Culture Fix We've Needed All Along

We might not deserve dogs, but we definitely deserve this good news. The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is heading back to where it all began: New York City, baby.

The museum dedicated to all things furry and four-legged actually opened in 1982 and was located in the New York Life Building on Madison Avenue for about five years. After a stint in St. Louis, Missouri, for what seemed like eons (31 years), the space is finally making its big comeback in Midtown.

And cheesy Instagram fodder this is not: The two-floor museum will house several hundred dog-centric works of art along with digital and interactive displays. We’re in it for the “Find Your Match” kiosk, which pairs your photo with a corresponding breed. (We’ve been dying to know if we’re more Lhasa apso or wiener dog.)

According to Gothamist, the Museum of the Dog is set to reopen at 101 Park Avenue on February 8. Until then, we’ll be Google image searching “cute German shepherd puppies” on repeat.


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