Disney Fans: Here's the Weird Connection Between ‘Moana' and ‘Frozen' that You Probably Missed

No one knows how far we'll uncover the deep secrets of Disney movies, that is.

If you're anything like us, you've sung "Let It Go" in the shower more than a few times, decided whether you're an Anna or an Elsa and made your BFF watch Moana with you (while you belted out all the songs by heart, of course). And one theory we came across made us do a double-take, mainly because we totally missed it. 

According to Reddit user Petertwnsnd, there are actually at least two connections to the kingdom of Arendelle and tale of Frozen *woven* into Moana (literally)...but they're hard to spot. See, one of the tapestries in Moana actually contains an embroidered image of the snow monster that guards Elsa's castle. Marshmallow, the giant snowman who chases Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven back down the mountain can be clearly scene in the tapestry in Polynesia...WTF?! This must mean that Frozen's story is a legend in the world of Moana, and that the Motunui people worship/fear/both. 

snow monster frozen

And then, when demigod Maui is trying to get his powers back with his hook and transform into an eagle, he accidentally morphs into a reindeer that looks awfully similar to Sven, the lovable reindeer sidekick to Kristoff from Frozen.

sven crab frozen moana

Yep, two universes just collided...and our movie-watching will never be the same.

And in the words of Maui, "You're Welcome."


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