Best VMA Moment: Missy Elliott Brings Out Breakdancer from Her 2002 Music Video ‘Work It’

If you, like many others, woke up and saw that one "Alyson Stoner" was trending on Twitter, you may have scratched your head and wondered whether you were losing touch with the who's who of Hollywood.

Not to worry, though, because you'd have to reach 17 years back in your memory to remember her. But Stoner, actress and breakdancer in Missy Elliott's 2002 video "Work It," made headlines once again on Monday night at the VMAs.

Elliott, who dropped her first album since 2005, called Iconology, on Friday, was given the Video Vanguard award at this year's ceremony, and performed some of her biggest hits of the last two decades on stage, to the sheer awe of those in her presence.

Besides people finally realizing what those jumbled lyrics are in "Work It" (FYI: It's the previous lyric but in reverse...), Elliott had fans shook when Stoner, now 26, was brought out on stage for a solo dance performance reminiscent of her breakout role as the kid with pigtails that broke it down in the 2002 hit single.

For reference:

You can watch more of Missy Elliott's history-making performance from last night's VMAs on YouTube.

And if you need a good laugh, might we recommend scrolling through the Twitter reactions from Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott's monumental return to music? We're feeling like this Terrence Howard meme, personally...


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