Mindy Kaling Posts Extremely Rare Photo of Daughter, Kit, Who's Getting So Big

Mindy Kaling is celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mother of two. And luckily, she showed us how she spent the special day.

The actress, who's a mom to Katherine (3) and Spencer (7 months), shared a heartfelt post on Mother’s Day featuring a rare shot of her daughter “Kit.” The IG snap revealed that Kaling spent her day rewatching one of her oldest child’s favorite movies: Cars.

She wrote: “Sometimes being a mom is just agreeing to watch Cars again with your daughter (who knows that Lightning McQueen makes it to the Piston Cup at the end but still can’t handle the anticipation), and somehow it’s more fun than anything else you could be doing. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!”

In the pic, we see Katherine standing on the couch in her living room, while sporting French fry pajamas and watching the hit Disney film—and we can’t believe how big she is getting.

In addition to giving fans and followers a glimpse into motherhood, the Office star also shared a sweet message on Twitter in honor of her late mother. “I miss my mother so much it hurts,” she wrote. “It’s been 10 years since she’s been gone but I still sometimes dream about her and wake up thinking for a moment she’s still here. If today makes you ache for you mom too, I always feel better knowing that the ache means we were really loved.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mindy.

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