Mindy Kaling Had the Best Response to Oprah Revealing Her Baby’s Gender

Mindy Kaling finally confirmed she’s pregnant with a baby girl, despite Oprah already spilling the beans...because how can anyone be mad at Oprah?

Kaling stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to discuss her under-the-radar pregnancy and admitted she couldn’t wait to find out the baby’s gender. She said, “I am not waiting. I wanted to know way early. I’m having a girl.” Whoop, there it is! 

The Mindy Project star’s confession comes just three months after Oprah accidentally announced the baby’s gender during an interview. But Kaling is totally cool with the media mogul’s slip, adding, “At first it was like, ‘OK, if anyone was going to announce big news about your private life, Oprah Winfrey is the person.’ You can’t complain that much about it. You also can’t be like, ‘Hey, Oprah, zip it.’ Because she’s almost like a religious figure.”

Although Kaling forgave O, she isn’t about to forget the mishap anytime soon and is planning to tell her daughter all about Oprah’s big slip-up. She continued, “I actually thought, ‘Well, OK, if there’s one person I have to tell my daughter about that revealed her existence to the world, Oprah’s pretty good.”

So, basically, Oprah is baby Kaling’s fairy godmother, and we might be a little jealous.

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