Mila Kunis Sets the Record Straight About Her ‘That ’70s Show’ Audition: ‘I Did Lie’

Mila Kunis has been a part of Hollywood ever since she was just a little kid, nabbing bit parts on shows like 7th Heaven and in movies like Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves back in the ’90s. However, one of her big breaks was when she secured the role of Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show in 1998, when she was a mere 14 years old. And while rumors have circulated for years about how Kunis got the part, she is finally here to set the record straight.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the 39-year-old star broke down the milestones of her career, and while talking about That '70s Show, she confirmed that she did indeed lie about her age in order to get the role.

The moment starts right around 2 minutes into the video, where Kunis says, “First and foremost: '70s Show...impacted me! I met met husband. Also, it gave me an amazing opportunity of eight years of steady work that I otherwise never would have in this industry, which gave me a financial freedom.”

However, then she pivots to the legend of how she nailed the part, saying, “There's a rumor going around that I may or may not have lied about my age for That '70s Show. I'd like to make it very clear now—I did lie, okay? I did.”

Mila Kunis.
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Although Kunis lied about her age when auditioning for the role, the casting directors loved her so much that she was offered the part, and the truth quickly came out.

“By the time I went to what was then like producer's network hall, you have to sign a contract before you get the job,” Kunis said. “And in my contract I had to put an asterisk and be like: studio teacher [needed]. And they were like, ‘What do you mean?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, P.S. I'm fourteen.’”

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But in the end, it all worked out, because the Black Swan actress revealed that the creators of the show still wanted her to play the part.

“At that point, if you talked to Bonnie and Terry Turner, they were so sweet, they were like, ‘Well we loved you at that point, so what did we care.’”

Kunis also added, “It was in the heyday of older kids playing younger kids and I was actually of the age of the character.”

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The Family Guy star also noted that she loved her time working on That '70s Show, adding, “I had the greatest experience on '70s. 100% I was embraced. 100% I was never treated as lesser than. And if I did by one of the cast members, another cast member would stand up for [me].”

This was a bold move, Mila, but we're so glad it worked out.

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